Making Memories Eternal




Our mission is to help families to farewell their loved ones in a caring and dignified manner - to say thank you in a way that reflects the meaning and legacy that their loved one brought into the family's life



Contact us when your loved one has passed away. We are open to support you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our award winning team will respond with discretion and efficiency.


Our experienced funeral directors will listen and understand how you want to farewell your loved one. We will design a funeral based on your wishes.


Eternal Funeral Services will take your loved one into our professional care and provide our award winning mortuary care while funeral arrangements are being made.

funeral options


We offer a range of high quality burial options to suit all budgets and needs. We offer families the flexibility to organise a funeral that is personalised and reflective of the life of their loved one. Our friendly and caring team is here to guide you through the funeral arrangements whenever you are ready.


We offer a range of cremations to suit all budgets and family preferences. We will help you design a cremation funeral that reflects the life of the loved and the preferences of the of the family. Our friendly and caring team is here to guide you through your options whenever you are ready.


We help families design respectful and memorable farewells. At the time of death families face some of their most difficult moments. We understand how emotional families can be at such a time, thus we help them navigate such difficulties as we would help our own families.

Our years of experience and deep relationships in the industry means that we can provide families with funerals that are memorable and of the highest quality. 

our mission

The Eternal Funeral Service’s mission is to help YOU farewell YOUR loved one in YOUR way. We support families to design a funeral service that reflects and celebrates the life of their loved one in a way that respects their religious and cultural ethos.

The funeral industry is dominated by large corporate players that make funerals an extremely expensive event. Our years of experience allows us to organise the best quality funerals at the best prices.

A funeral for all families

Eternal Funeral Services is a family run business for more than 15 years. We know that although all families are different and unique and that no matter what the family’s cultural, religious and traditional beliefs are, every family wants the best funeral for their loved one. At Eternal Funeral Services we approach your loved one’s funeral not only with respect but we also aspire to give you and your family a funeral that will give you peace and solace. We make sure your final farewell is dignified, memorable and despite the sadness we believe you can have a funeral that conveys your eternal thank you to your loved one.  

                                                                                                                                                                                               “Sarah McNeil” Owner